Leh Ladakh Monastery Tour Packages – To Recollect Old Practices Of Buddhism!


Although, the place Leh Ladakh has so many tourist attractions , but the Buddhist monasteries of this region got extreme level of popularity and influence among the visitors. It is the major reason behind highest number of tourist visit Leh Ladakh regularly. So it will not be wrong if we san Buddhist monasteries are the major attractions of Leh Ladakh. In this place you can explore many of prominent gompas which is having old structures where the monks live, learn and practice their religion. The best thing about the Leh Ladakh monastery tour package is that all the visiting spots are well accessed and present in all exotic locations of this place like the mountain or hilly areas.

Due to the presence of such amazing monasteries Buddhist people and travelers keep visiting this place repeatedly. Here mostly people love the architecture and art collections of these Buddhist monasteries. The central attraction of these monasteries are it is present in the central region of Ladakh. Here you will get to know about several things that you do not know before. But after choosing the Leh Ladakh monastery tour package you will get a chance to know about the Buddhist culture in its fullest and get a chance to enjoy its serenity in both inside and outside of the monastery.


Some more things about the Buddhist monastery: These monasteries in Leh Ladakh are the perfect place to learn Buddhist culture, religious teachings, worship and isolated meditation. The entire form of Buddhism belongs to two type of Monasticism. Among them very few are Yellow hat sect and few are Red hat sect. Near Indus you will explore 12 monasteries and among them Lamayuru is called as the most auspicious monastery. It is the most sanctified place for the Bon which is the pre-Buddhist religion. In fact, all of these monasteries are undeniably appealing and splendorous.

List of few monasteries which are worth visit:


As I told you in the previous paragraph, Ladakh is the abode of several Buddhist monasteries where the Buddhist followers visit in huge range in search of solace and peace. So while choosing monastery tour package for this particular Leh Ladakh, always select the most enchanting monasteries of this region to visit. Some of them are Namgyal Tsemo, Likir, Thiksey, Alchi, Shanti Stupa, Shey, Cave monastery, Sankar, Spituk, Stok Palace, Zongkhul, Phugtal, Shey, Leh palace and Lamayuru.Among them all the most popular old monasteries are Phiyang, Hemis and Chemrey etc which were established by Namgyal dynasty.

If you want to explore the above mentioned places, then do book your trip with the help of a reputed and experienced travel organization who will arrange every tour related facilities for you so you can enjoy every second of trip.


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