Experience the Colorful Celebrations of the Festivals of Kerala


The south Indian state Kerala has celebrated several kind of festivals with a great pump and sour. This is one of the most beautiful land on earth which has celebrated several kinds of fairs and festivals. Kerala I also termed as the god’s own country due to its pristine natural beauty. Some of the famous festivities of this region like boat races, that originated to memorialize the spiritual events but later turned out to be the most important event of social life. Most of the festivals of Kerala are linked with the regional religions and traditions. Some of them are discussed below.


Vishu: Basically the festive season of Kerala starts with the occasion of Vishu. This festival has been celebrated during the month of April. As per the Malayalam calender this is the first day of the New year. The major event of this festival is the “Kani-Kanal”. Cereals, coconut fruits and Konna flowers are kept in a big pot to prepare the Kani. It is also a ritual that the elder of the family gives money to the younger ones and bless them. It has been believed that it will bring success and happiness in their life. The entire day of the festival is followed by a heavy feast.


Onam: It is another popular and demanded festival of Kerala. This festival has been celebrated with lots of gaiety and fervor. It has been celebrated during the month of August last or first week of September. It is also one of the best example for the religious harmony and also best time for family get-together. This festival celebrates for 10 days with following special rituals like wearing new clothes, with traditional dance and music, making traditional cuisine etc.


Mahashivratri: It is another famous festival of this state which is celebrated during the month of February to March. The Maha Shivratri mans the night of Lord Shiva who is renowned by hundreds of names. In Kerala this festival has been celebrated in the Shiv temple which is situated on the sand bank of Periyar river is attended by huge crowd of devotees with great ceremonial splendor and elegance.


Thrikarthjaka: This festival is truly dedicated to goddess Shakti who is renowned as the goddess Bhagwati in Kerala. This festival has been celebrated during the month of November to December. Alleppey And Thekkady Tour On the auspicious day of this festival, after the sunset every house and temple of this state is completely decorated by oil lamps.

If you want to witness all these unique charm of these festivals of this state, then do plan your visit towards Kerala during the festival season and explore the beauty of the festivals in this state.


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