City palace Jaipur

City Palace

City Palace is the pride of Jaipur and is also the repertoire of royal article belongings to the kings of former era. It is the major attraction of the capital city which attracts travelers from all across the globe. This place is a perfect fusion of Rajasthani and Mughal architecture. Every part of this striking structure create a place in the heart of every visitor. The rare artifacts and wonderful creation inside the palace speak the life style of the royal families who lived here once upon a time. The credit of making such architectural gem goes to only Maharaja Jai singh II. His successors were adding some extra charm to make this palace look more attractive and distinct. The city palace Jaipur encompasses Beautiful gardens, huge courtyards, stunning halls, wonderful museum and magnificent apartments.

Some of the attractive structures inside the palace are discussed below.

Mubarak Mahal: It was built by Maharaja Madho Singh in the year of 19th century. This mahal is truly attractive part of this palace. Its impressively carved marble gates with heavy brass doors and the exquisite interior decorations are simply unique and draw the attention of the visitors.

Chandra Mahal: It is the central attraction of the palace. It overlooks the beautiful garden; Hall of beauty or Shobha Niwas is a splendid structure inside the mahal which is dotted with mirrors. The mica decoration and blue tiled walls of this mahal looks completely awesome. Once you visit this place you will never want to come back.

Chhavi Niwas: This apartment in the palace incorporates of sheer beauty. It is also called as hall of images. You can explore ancient images here.

Museum: Inside the palace you will also see one museum where you can explore rare collection of manuscripts, textiles, weapons, paintings etc. The massive silver urns which are believed as the largest vessels in all over the world which are the one of the royal possessions.

While visiting city palace Jaipur you can also explore several other things in this palace which will take you towards the bygone era and their life style of Raja Maharajas. Book you trip with the help of a reputed and experience travel organization so they will also arrange you trip with one of the experience travel guide. If you visit this place especially with a travel guide, then the enjoyment of your trip will be double because in every single step the guide will provide all relevant information of that place which will double your exploration. But do remember first discuss about the package before booking and then after having complete trip related information do the booking. Without proper information don’t believe any provide to avoid last minute hassle.