Buddhism and its beliefs tour package


The most common and basic faith in Buddhism is known as triple refuge. “ I take refuge in Dharma (i.e. teaching), I take refuge in Buddha, I take refuge in the Sangha ( the Buddhist disciple community).

Before starting learn about Buddhism mu must look at the three of these refuges. First we begun from Buddha itself. The lord Buddha is often portrayed seated in a calm posture with his feet crossed in front of him and his hands are folded in his lap. This is the perfect posture of contemplation and calm. This image attracts many people towards Buddha. It is also believed that Lord Buddha is an example of serenity and calmness in a distracting and confused world.

Next move on to second fate of refuge i.e. the Dharma or teaching. These Buddhist teachings are based on the doctrine formulas which are based on four noble truths like the origin of suffering, the truth of suffering, the cessation of suffering and the last path of cessation. Lord Buddha did not remain seated for his entire life time. He always in the trying process of building a punctual community of disciples.  The four major destinations where the major events of lords Buddha life took places are the famous Buddhist Circuit With Delhi  nowadays.

In Indi two major Buddhist movements which completely changed the history of Buddhism and also changed the face of tradition. The first among these are called as Mahayana which is associated with the identification of basic Buddhist values. The second movements were the Tantras. It is one kind of complex tradition.

As we all know that Buddhism spread to other countries in Asia as well. This region was carried towards Sri Lanka by the Buddhist missionaries. From there it was also carried towards South East Asia. The Buddhism centers are also developed in China and originated some distinctive traditions. As we all know, china is the place of bold and confident civilization so it is quite difficult to accept that the Buddhist region is the foreign teaching. Whereas, there is some kind of similarity in between the Chines culture and the Buddhist teachings.

From China the Buddhism and its beliefs has been carried out to Korea then Japan and then Vietnam. In the 8th Century this religion was carried across the Himalayas i.e. from India to Tibet.  In the present time the leader of Tibetan Buddhist community, Dalai Lama is one of the most active leaders in all over the world in every aspect. He is like a living symbol in Buddhism.  If you want to learn more about Buddhism you can visit us else, you can plan a trip from our organization to experience the faith physically.



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