Ranthambore national park: Discover the Magnificence of Natural Abundance by India


Wildlife is a proud tenure of every kingdom and it always represents the natural treasure. India is one among such country which has copious with attractive fauns and lush greenery that thrive among such surroundings. Preserving such natural treasures is like a huge responsibility of any country and India is always proven an accurate sense of accountability by supporting wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. These sanctuaries are situated at the prime location of every state and are full of rich flora and fauna. Among all the most visit national park in Rajasthan are the Ranthambore national park which is become a major part of tiger project since 1973.

This national park has been estimated one of the rich reserve of tigers in different varieties which includes the most dangerous one too. If you are searching for a wildlife area which is also surrounded by wonder of nature, then Ranthambore national park is the perfect place for you. The best time to visit this place is in between November to May when the weather is awesome and you can also explore the wildlife better during this time. This national park is spread over 400 sq km among the Aravali and Vindhya ranges which is having deciduous forest which were the integral part of the splendid jungles of central India.

Royal Bengal tigers are the central attraction of this national park. Apart from the tigers, you can also have a glimpse of mongoose, jackal, leopard and sloth bear with various rare species and other animals. Furthermore, the surrounding area is just like a treat for the travelers Pushkar Fair Tour Package.

This national park is also a visual delight for the bird watchers. Here you will explore 272 species of birds. Some other visiting attractions of this place are Malik Talao, the Ranthambore Fort, Rajbagh Talao, Padam Talao and in the Jhalra area. Some other abundant species in this national park are Graylag Goose, Woodpeckers, Indian Gray Hornbills, Common Kingfishers, Bee Eaters, Cuckoos, Parakeets, Asian Palm Swift and Owl to name a few etc. If you are searching for a fascinating trip options and want to spend some time with your loved ones in the lap of nature, then it is the best place for you. A view of lush greenery, tigers roaming around, a gamut of other species of chirpy birds and endangered animals: what more than it a traveler wish. Apart from this, the location of the park is a retreat itself for the vacationers.

For having most exciting touring option book your trip with the help of a travel agent so you can explore the trip more that is beyond your expectation.


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