Buddhist tour in Sri Lanka: A journey towards devotion


Sri Lanka is the first country who first time heard the word Buddhism in approx. 3rd Century BC. The greater kind Asoka followed the patterns Buddhism and its teachings. His son Mahinda also followed the steps of Buddhism. During that time when Asoka asked Mahinda to go one of the Sri Lanka’s Island and introduce Buddhism over there. Then after Mahinda was the third Buddhist council who went the country of Sri Lanka and introduced the Buddhist religion over there as an oral tradition to the king. That time this religion was spread over there. In this way, the country Sri Lanka get to know about the religion of Buddhism and started to follow it. Since that time, it is one major part of Sinhalese culture. In the present time it is one of the essential part of Sinhalese civilization. The influence of this Buddhist religion is reflected in the legendary development of this Island.

Buddhist Unesco Heritage

IN the present time Buddhism play a major role in the lives of the locales resides over there.  You will get to various sites over there which are directly or indirectly related to Buddhism which now stands as one of the famous Buddhist heritage destination in Sri Lanka. This place includes following visiting attractions that are discussed below.

Anuradhapura: It is the most attractive Buddhist city in this Island which is having fascinating stupas and temples of the 13th century. This places always provides an enigmatic experience to the devotees.

Kandy’ temple: It is another prominent site in this region where it has been believed that the sacred tooth of lord Buddha had been kept. It has been also believed that the tooth relic was taken from the pyre of the awaken soul of Lord Buddha. Then the tooth was smuggled to Sri Lanka and kept in this place in Kandy which is nowadays one of the most visited temple of Dalda Maligawa. The tooth of Lord was hidden in the hair of the princess during that time it was smuggled into this Island. It almost took 100 years to construct this attractive temple from 1687 to 1782.  Here the devotees can witness the daily rituals which has been three times every day i.e. 4.30, 10.30 and 18.30 respectively. There is a strict rule in this temple that the travelers cannot allowed to wear below the knee dresses inside the temple and they also should not wear the shoes while entering inside the temple.

Adam’s peak: It is another historical mountain in this Island. This peak is too large which is situated at a height of 2243 meters and highly well known for the Sir Pada. Sri Pada is the pious foot print which is called the foot step of Lord Buddha in Buddhist tradition. Whereas, In Hindu tradition it is called as Foot print of Lord Shiva and in Muslim tradition it is called as Adam.

If you want to go for a Buddhist tour in Sri Lanka then you need to book your entire package with the help of a travel guide so you can explore every bit of this place with proper information


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